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Seawalls & Dikes

Climate change and sea level rise presents a challenge to all delta areas world wide.


We guard world heritage sites during construction and tunneling activities to prevent damage.


Building activities and excavations are known to destabilize railway embankments. Deregulating traffic.

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If working under dangerous conditions becomes unavoidable we will guard your safety


Earthquake influenced asset management. Gas-, oil- and ore exploration demand sensitive surface impact monitoring.


Hydro electric power and fresh water reservoirs increase in number. This requires operators to stand up to their responsibilities.

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In nano & micro production, as well as in heavy precision industry there is a need to guarantee the stability of the installation.

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Wind turbines

The increasing size is more demanding from foundations. Off-shore foundations are a big unknown.

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@ManuelSintubin Dat is precies de vraag die blijft hangen als iedereen modellen mag maken zonder ze te toesten aan data van echte bevingen.